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Alex Tachov, Founder, Poise

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You’ll be joining a community of thousands of impact-driven people to collaborate, learn and grow with.

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Esme Verity

Founder of Considered Capital.

Esme has worked with hundreds of purpose-driven startups, nonprofits and governments to help democratise access to alternative funding sources.

Natalie Binns

Former Head of Buying at OMNES & Senior Buyer at BHS

Driving commercial success for purpose-driven brands | Sustainable Fashion Consultant | Freelance Head of Buying.

Emily Deacon

Head of Growth, Former B2B Partnerships Director & 
green-tech startup advisor

Ben Kimura-Gross

Highly experienced negotiator, persuasion, & conflict management

Florencia Jauregui

Lead Climate, Circularity & Sustainable Sourcing for Mars

Polina Changuleva

Award winning DEI Expert.
Helping tech brands build inclusive products

Elena Doms

Head of Carbon at Earth+ & Former Lead of Sustainability
at Mastercard

Asmara Kazmi

Systems Designer for
Operational Excellence & 
Stakeholder Engagement

Amy Nguyen

Strategy & Research | Sustainability | ESG |
Supply chains

Aimee Lopez

Head Copywriter and
Creative Director | Communications specialist

Sam Simpson

Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Board Advisor, Founder and CEO at FounderCatalyst & CCO at Forge Technologies

Celia Pool

CEO for DAME raising over £1M and valuation of £7.5M.

Suzanne Mayumi

Managing Director and Head of Social Impact Strategy
at Instituto Awakening

Rajeshwar Bachu

Founder of Zero-Carbon &
Co-Founder of 42 Hacks: 
Climate Community for Climate Change

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I love being a part of a community of mission-driven founders that are passionate about having a positive impact.

Guilherme Maia Silva

Força Foods

I recognise that community is key to building a brand and I love connecting with other founders and entrepreneurs.

Mabel Greenberg


I want to build my community and network of likeminded. Share knowledge and challenges and broaden my perspective.

Nebe Almayahi


I am interested in learning and growing from a like minded community of entrepreneurs.

Nicola Jones

Face Junkie

I'd love to participate in discussions among other founders on issues and challenges they face and how they are combating them.

Emeka Ogbonnaya


I love to be part of this network of purpose driven founders

Catarina de Avillez

The Natural Africa

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Strengthen your business partnership and shareholders engagement

Strengthen your business partnership and shareholders engagement

Explore how to strengthen business partnerships, effectively engage shareholders and align goals to drive organisational success. Lifestyle coach Suzanne Mayumi will be taking your questions, so join in for tailored advice.

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April 10, 2024
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4:00 pm
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Q&A: sustainable career transition strategies

Q&A: sustainable career transition strategies

Is sustainability part of your career plans? Lifestyle coach Suzanne Mayumi will be sharing her extensive experience in social impact strategy, ESG and sustainability to help you identify opportunities and successfully navigate your career change.

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March 13, 2024
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4:00 pm
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