The mission behind WONDR.

Our Story
About Gallery - Academy Webflow Template
About Gallery - Academy Webflow Template
About Gallery - Academy Webflow Template
About Gallery - Academy Webflow Template

Our Story

Traditional learning and education has caused an inflation of ‘qualified’ professionals, creating a world of “look-at-mes”. 

We see the future differently.

So we’ve created space for passionate, committed individuals to connect and learn around shared goals.

Solving problems that are meaningful towards a sustainable future.In a decade of action, we support the people who get things done.

The go-getters, the innovators, the dreamers and the creators. Our programmes are designed with leading practitioners and peer groups who are at the forefront of solving real world problems.

We share knowledge, skills and mindsets from people who are actually solving the issues at hand for people actually doing something about it. 

We believe in your unlimited potential to create an impact.

Meet the Team

Meet the team making WONDR possible

Sam Reader

CoFounder and Community Lead

Sam takes responsibility for understanding the community's needs and directing the vision of WONDR.

Outside of that he loves reading 📚,
film 🎬 and skiing ⛷️

Simon Jones

Cofounder and Product Lead

Simon leads the product development at WONDR - deciding on the priorities and roadmap for our platform.

Loves football, skiing when he can and would love to see more of the world 🌏

Tom Webb

Senior Back End Engineer

Tom takes control of the logic and magic that makes WONDR tick.

Enjoys seeing the world, big foodie and always up for a good time with friends and family whenever he can! 🥙

Jemima Goss

Mentor Success Manager

Jemima helps onboard Mentors onto WONDR and strive to bring them success on the platform.

Passionate about exploring the world and eating delicious food along way 🌍
Jemima would love to go back to diving with Whale Sharks 🐳

Eleanor Roads

Mentor Success Manager

Eleanor works closely with Mentors, to onboard them into our community and bring out their full potential with WONDR!

Optimistic, nearly always have a smile on my face and a cuppa tea in hand, I love experiencing the new.
I’m a qualified pilot! I can fly a single prop, 10 seater aircraft anywhere in Europe, day or night ✈️

Ankit Panchal

App Developer

I lead the development of our mobile app -new features, new experiences!

I am a big fan of cricket and exploring new technologies and software languages 📱

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Our Courses
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Meet Our Mentors

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All teachers
Maribel Esparcia Pérez

Maribel Esparcia Pérez

Independent Sustainability Advisor for the Hospitality Industry

Independent Advisor, Professor and Managing Partner at the European Sustainable Hospitality Group.

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This is the home of the WONDR Community Team, where we will be sharing and featuring key blogs and workshops that support our growing community of consumer founders.

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Derek Sabori

Derek Sabori

Founder and Lead Sustainability Guide/Instructor

Helping lifestyle brands and individuals be more sustainable.

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