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Goes something like this...Civil Engineering Student realizes it's not for him, seeks something more creative, ends up a Studio Art major studying photography, installation art, videography, writing and performance art. Said student, finds Volcom - or Volcom finds him - and he begins a career on the phones at the front desk. Kid falls in love with the company, moves into production, and applies/gets a management job in the "design" department - yep, that's what we called it back then. Design room manager, leads to Divisional Merchandising Manager, and now the young man realizes he needs more tools...back to school. MBA from Paul Merage School of Business, UC Irvine, and the job's heating up. Along the way, this guy meets others who are out to make change...inspired, he sets a new course for his own life. Merchandiser turns Planner/Analyst, and thankfully, things fall into place, and this engineer, er uh, artist, I mean Merchandiser/planner heads down the road of becoming a Sustainability professional. Enter, stage left major French company with a deep commitment to changing the way business is done...amazing ride. At the edge, however, it was time to drop in. As a new opportunity presented itself, said man embarks on a new journey with an old friend. Now operating as The Underswell, and helping to build a new premium yoga goods brand for men, founded on sustainability, this guy is on the hustle and enjoying every moment of it. And when he's not doing the former, he's finding time to teach and share advice with students and anyone else who will listen.


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Creative Direction

Sustainable Business

Brand Development



Project Planning

Life Cycle Assessment

Branding and Identity

Carbon Footprint



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