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This is the home of the WONDR Community Team, where we will be sharing and featuring key blogs and workshops that support our growing community of consumer founders. What's more, keep your eyes pealed for new product releases, membership updates and opportunities that will be released through this page.


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Orange Peel Lamps and Hummus Berries: 10 Startups Tackling Food Waste

Orange Peel Lamps and Hummus Berries: 10 Startups Tackling Food Waste

Food waste is responsible for 8-10% of our emissions and is also ethically a disaster with millions of people hungry around the world. How can we fix our broken food system?

In conversation with Elena Doms

In conversation with Elena Doms

Elena Doms has always been interested in working in sustainability, and after 11 years at Mastercard made the leap to start a career in the field. Her postgraduate studies in Energy and Climate taught her the basics of environmentalism and the social barriers and opportunities for change, and with a push on social media and networking, Elena soon saw her career in sustainability flourish. 

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