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Circularity & Transparency: Regenerative Fashion

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Circularity & Transparency: Regenerative Fashion
Jo Salter and Kishore Shah
Jo Salter is a Founder, and Kishore is a Director.
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This pathway is designed to guide you through the building blocks of regenerative fashion, so that you transform from being in a position where you can't see how to move forward in a sustainable manner, to knowing how to make a positive, impactful change, for people, planet and achieving your goals.

You will start with an overview of ‘Regenerative Fashion’ and then branch out to cover a range of key topics with more depth at each level.

Webinars will include:

  • Understanding fabrics and their impact on people and planet, so you can make the right choices with sustainable materials, and ensures you deliver on brand promises with your customers.
  • Discussion on regenerative fibre farming indigenous, non GM, rain-fed, raw materials, grown close to production communities. We will understand how this process can be carbon positive, active examples of this are cotton, hemp, linen, wool.
  • From fibre to fabric production - the differences of community production vs large scale manufacture and the key decisions between choosing the most suitable option for you, the supporting skills, maintaining low-carbon low-water production, preserving crafts such as: spinning, weaving, knitting.
  • Design - We'll discuss how to create designs to last, how to up-cycle, and recycle items, and how to create low waste, flexible design.
  • Defining and Measuring impact - How do we know that the clothing we are choosing is actually making a positive impact and not just a greenwashing front?
  • Printing - With guest speakers we will delve into techniques that don't harm the planet and support heritage systems

- Anyone with an interest in finding out more about where their clothes come from and how to avoid damage causing fast fashion

- Solo entrepreneurs building physical products in fashion 

- Anyone working in a fashion organisation who wants to understand more ethical, sustainable ways of producing textiles and clothing

- For designers - both professional and at home - who want to understand how to make greener more ethical choices in their fabrics and design processes

- Supporting positive choices for customers who love fashion but want peace of mind

- Understanding key information on ethical fashion for those in the fashion industry or with an interest in fashion and clothing

- Understanding fabrics and their impact on people and planet


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Jo was part of an all-female panel at one of our first in-person events for the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick in April 2022. The theme of the event was climate change and how different sectors including activists, social entrepreneurs and politicians can work collaboratively to solve the crisis. Jo’s insights on ethical clothing have certainly provoked many of the audience who attended to question how they buy their clothes in the future. We were particularly struck by Jo’s comment that ‘clothes that claim to be made in Britain actually can’t be as we don’t grow cotton in Britain’. Jo is extremely passionate about what she does and what she believes in and that certainly came across during the evening. We thank Jo for her contribution to an extremely successful event and would certainly recommend her as a speaker.

Maxine Thacker - University of Warwick
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Jo Salter has contributed to the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business, a University of Cambridge accredited course. She led a series of small group discussions with the students, where she presented a case study and then invited the students to interact with this. This resulted in thought-provoking and lively conversations where Jo was able to share genuine and frank insights about her journey. I would like to thank Jo for her contribution to the programme and we hope to continue the collaboration in the future.

Emma H. E. Fromberg
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