About Me

Jo is a passionate entrepreneur who has dedicated herself to making the world a fairer place. Through Where Does It Come From? she supports artisans, champions fair trade and advocates for a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry. She also tirelessly champions other small businesses and collaboration for shared values. Her business was the one of the first to pioneer transparency on labour standards through QR codes in clothing and this innovative approach has helped shift the industry., with a focus on textiles as vehicle for change.

Kishore Shah is a development activist with over fifty years of working in the field. Kishore has a degree in Economics from Cornell University in the US and in Social Research Methods from the Open University in the UK. He also did an internship with the UN in New York in 1967.

Since then Kishore has worked as an activist for social change, a journalist, an NGO professional, a researcher and as a consultant to aid agencies. He has developed specialisation in issues related to ethics and value based development, livelihoods, local governance, natural resource management, and institutional development.

His research has included an extensive study of artisans in India and especially specific issues around decentralised production of cotton khadi.  This led him to set up Khadi CIC, a social enterprise focusing on action research, education and networking on regenerative textiles and textile products


Jo Salter

  • Programme management
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Business transformation
  • Governance
  • International development

Kishore Shah

  • Community development
  • Sustainable development
  • Non profits
  • Organisational developments
  • Policy analysis


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