The Individual as a System

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March 2023
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The Individual as a System
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Never before in the history of our species have we had to navigate so much variety and complexity. Change seems to be the only constant, and as such, transition states an all too familiar struggle. But what if you could have a way to understand and enact powerful systems change

The result of this is that we all walk around with 100 different problems on our shoulders. 

Thinking of yourself as this incredible system can help you understand that these 100 problems are actually only two or three interconnected issues. Applying the right amount of energy in the right place can dissolve these issues. 

This five-part series will teach you how to use the principles of systems change to find the  highest impact and energy efficient actions for YOU so you can reach your goals, live fully, and serve your calling at the highest level.

All self-professed 'lifelong learners' interested in living more easily and joyfully. 

1] Learn how to navigate and impact systems - yourself, your company and the world at large! 

2] Appreciate how to analyse AND synthesise - to get a nuanced perspective of any complex idea

3] Grow in your understanding of how to impact change on a global scale

1] Introduction to the individual as a system.  

A - What does it mean to think of the individual as a system and what are the consequences of that. How is this different to how we have previously thought of the ‘Self’.

B - Understanding the leverage points which make systems which accelerate systems change.

C - Brief insight into the Meta System as a whole. 

By the end of this session, you will have a clear understanding of the necessity of seeing yourselves as the system you are, and the benefits of doing so. 

2] Exploration the disruptor: Cognative Dissonance

A - What is Cognitive Dissonance.

B - How does this show up.

C - How to best utilize and overcome this. 

3] Exploration the disruptors: Material Self and Aversion

A - What are Material Self and Aversion.

B - How does this show up.

C - How to best utilize and overcome this. 

4] Exploration the disruptors: Restlessness and Heaviness 

A - What are Restlessness and Heaviness

B - How does this show up.

C - How to best utilize and overcome this.

5] How to synthesize this new understanding

A - Putting it all together

B - What it looks like in practice - general guidelines

C - Next steps & additional resources


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Asmara presented an incredible workshop on 'How to Design Systems that Don’t Suck’ for my community, Take Up Space. Dare I say it was a paradigm-shifting experience?! Asmara was a brilliantly engaging, warm & enthusiastic speaker who clearly KNOWS. HER. SH*T. I've never seen systems spoken about with an intersectional lens, which was so refreshing, enlightening & useful.

Paff Evara
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Asmara's workshop was brilliant, and as a fellow presenter and trainer, and perennial learner, I've been to and through a whole lot of learning in my time. Her personable style, memorable stories and anecdotes, added an accessibility and warmth to some of the most brilliant and razor-sharp insights, tools and strategies for business ops that I've heard. Miss the next ones at your peril, people! And Mark my words, if you are an entrepreneur with ambitions of scaling your business while keeping your sanity, then Asmara is someone you are going to be grateful that you were smart enough to have in your corner!

Yinka Ewuola
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Asmara really does offer something different, she has a real calmness about her that puts you at ease, mixed perfectly with a sense of fun. So conversation just flows and there is no hesitancy to open up. She really listens to understand and asks the question you need to be asked. Ideas are offered to see if they are a good fit, solutions are discussed, and above all else, the level of support is priceless.

Dave Edward

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