The Climate Emergency: Ecological & Social Understanding

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28th March 2023
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The Climate Emergency: Ecological & Social Understanding
She Changes Climate
SHE Changes Climate is a global campaign, driving awareness of the crucial role of women in accelerating just climate action.

In this conversation, we’ll explore the climate emergency with Guest Speakers - Elise Buckle, Caroline Mair-Toby, and Global Choices' Arctic Angel Mitzi Jonelle Tan.

Together, we’ll be exploring the science and politics of the climate emergency. The importance of diversity and inclusiveness, intersectional environmental issues and a deep-dive into climate migration and current policies.

The key outcomes you’ll gain from the conversation:

🌱 Be clued up on the current policies leading the way for environmental rights

🌱 How you can engage with your politicians to drive a more inclusive future

🌱 Be in the know on the trends affecting policy and learn about the most important issues relating to climate migration

Working Woman - own organisations around similar - unified interest

Youth Network - youth activists (late teens and early twenties)

Passionate Men supporting gender equality

Social justice issues around gender: values driven

Be informed on the current policies leading the way for environmental rights

Learn how to engage with politicians and policy to build a more inclusive future

Learn about the interconnectedness of indigenous rights, intergenerational knowledge, the climate crisis and preserving the Arctic

Leave feeling empowered and capable to enact change in your own unique way

Session 1. The climate emergency: the science and politics of a rapidly changing reality - Elise Buckle, March 28th (3pm CET)

Lecture mixed with dialogue and conversation.

Learning outcomes:

1. Importance of the climate crisis: understanding the science and political dynamics dealing the crisis;

2. Leadership, women empowerment and diversity at the heard of the climate response: understanding why we need a diversity of voices and stakeholders to advance a systemic transformation of society; conducting your own stakeholder mapping

3.  Perspectives on COP cycles and emotions linked to any cycles of intense campaigning, mentoring tips to stay happy, healthy and impactful when working on climate.

Session 2. Climate and Colonialism: Climate and environmental justice in the global south, with a focus on small islands and Indigenous rights - Caroline Mair-Toby, April 8th (3pm CET)

In a lecture mixed with dialogue and conversation; Indigenous rights in climate and environmental justice issues Climate and colonialism; Climate displacement and migration Trends of climate litigation will be discussed.

Session 3. The Life We Choose: The Role of Youth in Climate Justice - Mitzi Jonelle Tan, April 15th

This lecture will discuss the role of the youth in climate justice through the lens of the lecturer’s experience as a full time climate activist from the Philippines. It will focus on having a multisectoral and intergenerational approach to climate justice, the dangers of activism, and how to continuously engage the youth and avoid burnout. 


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