Successfully negotiate investment deals that value your startup's real potential and build lasting, mutually beneficial investor relations

Though your impact matters, you never get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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February 2023
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Successfully negotiate investment deals that value your startup's real potential and build lasting, mutually beneficial investor relations
Ben Kimura-Gross

As an entrepreneur, making deals is part of your day-to-day: Deals with clients, partners, and


"Show me the money!" you wanna say, and then you tell them what you need it for.

And that's your first mistake.

And the first lesson of this course: Never 'need' anything.Know your worth, your valuation. Stand by it, present it with confidence.

You are an amazing investment opportunity.

Walk into every investor meeting with high confidence, a clear strategy, and persuasion skills that will get you what you want.

As a startup or a young company, money left on the table can be the difference between make or break.

So never ask for what you think you 'deserve.'Instead, negotiate for what you're worth.

Join this 5 part course with Ben Kimura-Gross, to refine your negotiation skills and bring more exciting opportunities to your startup.

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1) Impact Startup Founders

Startup founders looking to raise their first investment round and seeking the best way to approach new investors to create a profitable future

2) Business Leaders

Guiding your business towards a better future?

By being part of this group we’ll build skills and behaviours that help you win allies.

Supercharge your ability to influence the change you want to see in your business.


3) Entrepreneurs of the Future

Building your own vision of the future?

Join this cohort to take charge of the way you communicate and influence people to see your vision.

Together we'll explore the opportunity you have to pioneer models for a sustainable future.

1)  The best strategy to get the money your startup is worth and not give out 0.1% more than needed.

2)  The fastest way to find the ideal investors for your business (and avoid being stuck with a rotten egg).

3)  The 3 fundamental steps you have to take to keep your valuation high (and prevent investors from trying to push it down).

4)  Sick of being the ‘junior’ in negotiations with experienced investors? Get on equal footing.

5)  The sure-fire method for getting your investors so excited they can’t wait to sign.

1. Mindset Shift From Need To Value

- From "needing to make an ask" to "building a value-based relationship"

WHY? Fulfilling needs is philanthropy. Investors create value. Plus: a relational mindset puts you on equal footing. What do you prefer: negotiating up or negotiating at eye level?

2. Choosing the Right Kind of Investor

- How to better define investor search criteria to find your best match

WHY? Do you want something you missed to cause problems 2 months down the road? No. Ensure good long-term investor relations from the get-go.

3. Getting What You Want-

How to present your valuation with high confidence and get it accepted.

WHY? You don't want to let investors push down your valuation - keep it high.

4. The Body Language of Confidence

- How to strengthen your physical confidence indicators to get better deals

WHY? You can kill a deal by leaning forward in the wrong moment, when leaning back would’ve closed it.

5. Go-Stories

- How to create moments of high enthusiasm that clinch the deal.

HOW? By enabling your investors to imagine the successes you'll celebrate together in the future.


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By the end of the course, I felt more confident in conversations and Ben was always prepared with his course material to make our sessions highly valuable.

Delphine (Attended Course)
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In high growth companies there’s a lot on the line, and it’s critical to collaborate effectively with advisors, team members, and investors. Ben's impact has increased my confidence and ability to take control of my impulses and guide conversations for the best outcomes; even in the most high pressure moments. As a result I have more productive conversations, where everyone feels positive about next steps - win-wins! Ben’s style is relaxed and non-judgemental, creating safe spaces to explore your own personality and discuss challenges we face as individuals and as a group. Ben’s course was a revelation on how I could move forwards in my business, career and personal life. You join the course as a group of strangers but, by the end of the course, you feel connected in arms with your peers."‍

Sam (Attended Course)
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