Remove the 'Ick' from your sales strategy.

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Early April 2023
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Remove the 'Ick' from your sales strategy.
Emily Deacon
The GreenTech Business Coach
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So many people feel ‘icky’ about sales - but we need to move past this and realise sales is an avenue for you to attract clients -  and ultimately serve them / solve their problems! An effective ‘sales engine’ is imperative for the health and growth of any business; especially those that rely heavily on new business to drive their revenue. However, most companies are missing crucial aspects - this course has been designed to make sure you are not one of them! 

I will share the building blocks for a successful engine; plus the ingredients for a perfect pitch, and how to improve your business mindset (resilience is key in sales!).

Most sales courses provide you with an unrealistic/unnatural script to stick to; this will provide you with the cornerstone foundations; your way and in your language.

1] ‘The Entrepreneur’ - Just starting your first business, or mid-phase start up, focusing on revenue-generation. 

2] ‘The Tech Sales Guy’ - working in green tech / climate focus / tech start ups, or building a sales team.

3] ‘Positive impact, SME NFPs’ - You know there is so much more you could offer, you just need to get rid of the ‘sales’ feel to your strategy. 

4] ‘The Bonus’ - Anyone who is interested in further developing their personal skill set, alongside business growth. 

1] You will understand your current mindset, the recipe for an ideal business mindset, and how to achieve this - with a focus on sales

2] You will learn the building blocks for a successful sales engine within your business

3] You will have clear next steps to improve your sales pitch

4] More confidence in being able to express the value you offer

5] Techniques on what makes a good sales person 

6] The ability to ‘blue sky’ plan and translate these into accurate KPIs and drivers for your business

1] Introductions and group sales challenges

We will get to know each other and create a safe space to share top sales challenges

2] Workshop on building the ideal sales engine, including KPIs

I will share the core components of a successful ‘sales engine; we will then discuss any key blockers or nuances for your business’. We will also discuss how to go from blue-sky vision to tangible sales KPIs.

3] Business and Sales - it’s a mindset!

I will share key mindset approaches for business and sales; including how to build resilience and growth mindset

4] Workshop on the perfect pitch / proposal

I will share the key approaches and components to hone your pitch / proposal to improve conversion

5] Assignments

Independent work where you’ll learn how to perform the perfect pitch within 1-minute. 

Office hours around personal feedback - all confidential. Submit a 1-minute video pitch to me testing out the 5 principles 

I’ll give you personal feedback - all confidential 


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