Luxurious Simplicity - Simplifying Without Sacrificing

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March 2023
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Luxurious Simplicity - Simplifying Without Sacrificing
Nara Petrovič
Author of Human: Instructions for Use

This course will take you from the heaviness due to burdens you unwillingly and even unconsciously carry, to lightness and ease, from feeling confined to a real sense of freedom. You will feel more true to your own self and good in your body. You'll have the skills to simplify both your personal life and your career while uncovering your inner abundance and revolutionise your routines.

Uncover the root of our present ecological and social crisis by digging beneath the consumerist, industrial, and cultural clutter that affects our behaviours, emotions, and thought patterns. Learn a step-by-step process to simplify your personal life, communities, and organisations. Along with other students, you’ll aim to arrive at a balance point along the lines of the maxim (attributed to Einstein): Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.”  

The concepts covered in this course have been developed over two decades of luxurious simplicity practice and environmental engagement in +40 countries. 

All participants will receive a free e-copy of the instructor’s book 'Human: Instructions for Use.'

This course is ideal for those interested in:

  • moral integrity in society
  • effective activism
  • lean organisation design
  • the foundations of physical health

To get the most out of this course it helps if you can set your preconceptions aside, engage in challenging conversations, put some question marks on your own culture and bear with some cognitive dissonance. Training perspective shifting will help you deal with any problem in the future with a fresh outlook.

Session 1. How deep does the rabbit hole go?

You will be scrutinizing the cultural underpinnings of the normalcy that you take for granted simply because you have been brought up with such normalcy. You will gain an extracultural perspective on your physio-psycho-social condition (a perspective that an alien would have visiting Earth for the first time). You will learn about three types of knowledge, assessing their presence in your personal life and in your society.

Session 2. The gordian knot of social reforms

How did our global society end up where it is now? Practically everything around you has been undergoing a long chain of reforms over the centuries. These reforms are often haphazard patchwork, not intricate clockwork. They involve improving our lives and also unnecessary complications. You will learn why, globally, a massive reform, done proactively, is impossible. A meaningful global change will be to a large degree reactive: done only when we’re forced to do it. Adaptive capacity lies primarily in individuals and small groups and we’ll look at how to best activate that capacity. At this session we will look how much room you have for your personal reform, what you can do with your community and why proactive simplicity is conducive to the quality of your life in the long run.

Session 3. The ideal of human existence

There is no one single perfect way to live your life. But there are some basic tennets defined by your bodily anatomy. Being merged with nature, human beings organically follow their own nature. But this comes with certain pains and troubles too. Solving troubles and making our lives easier led us further and further away from nature and caused more and more collateral damage. We don't want to go back to the utopian stone age. But we also don't want to go forward into self-destruction and thus to a distopian stone age. At this session you will look at trade-offs in eight possible future scenarios. You will determine your field of influence and sketch your own ideal existence given your current situation.

Session 4. Navigating wisely through your new reality

It will be a new reality because you will have new eyes, not because the reality had changed. As a wise saying from SE Europe says: "A wise person sees more from the bottom of a well than the stupid does from the top of the mountain." You will be assessing how to hit that sweet spot of "as simple as possible but not simpler" for you as an individual and for the community you live in. We will have an open conversation about cognitive dissonance and how to deal with the inevitable inner struggle when you know what is right but your social context prevents you from doing it.


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It was a pleasure to work with Nara as a speaker at one of our TEDxLjubljana events. He knows how to work the audience and get a clear message across. Would have him on stage any time.

Matej Golob
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Even now, three years after attending Nara's Hero's Journey workshop, I still get goosebumps.

Katja Mlinar
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Nara is not only a theoretician, a critic of the system, of our everyday habits, infested with capitalist ideology, but also one of the few people with a concrete vision of human-friendly alternatives to the current system and way of life. Not only a vision, but also an intricate methodology on how to arrive there. For me, he is, also from a political point of view, a social therapist of the future.

Jure Capuder

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