Key Steps to a Social Responsibility Strategy

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Key Steps to a Social Responsibility Strategy
Silvia Organista Sandoval
ESG/CSR Consultant and Trainer
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The aim of this course is for the students to learn about sustainability/CSR and to differentiate it from other good practices such as social collaborations or sponsorships, or philanthropy in general.

After taking this course, you will know what social responsibility is and will be able to tell it from greenwashing.

Also, you will know how to design a CSR strategy and align it with your business strategy.

Management or board level directors of big, multinational companies

Small business directors

Any professional or student interested in learning about social aspects of businesses

You will understand concepts like social responsibility and how to implement it in your business strategy. 

You will understand what gender equality means and will eradicate myths around this concept. 

You will improve your relationship with your stakeholders and will obtain inputs for your social strategy.

Session 1. Key steps to a social responsibility strategy

Introductions. Theoretical session about CSR. Conceptual overview, do’s and don'ts about sustainability/CSR.

Session 2. Workshop on CSR strategy

We’ll learn the steps to a CSR strategy: Understanding of principles and subjects. Self-evaluation: what is your company already doing? Design of action plan: stakeholder engagement, materiality analysis, etc. Reporting and communication.

Session 3. Assignments

Independent work: each student will prepare a CSR strategy and we will team up to discuss it.

Session 4. Group discussion: real life cases

Independent work and group discussion: each student will look for a real company of their choice (multinational, start-up,...) and its CSR/sustainability strategy. We will team up to discuss their failures and successes, and learn from their room for improvement.


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