Introduction to Tropical Coastal Ecosystems

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March 2023
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Introduction to Tropical Coastal Ecosystems
Juan Pablo Lopez
Founder of Love Mother Nature and The Naturalist Dude
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During this course, you will be encouraged to learn about a series of modules that will introduce you to the different types of topics that focus on coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrass beds. This program will consist of lectures, short videos, quizzes, short assignments, and more that will contribute to your understanding of the content in a fun and educational way. By the end of this course, the group will be capable of understanding how tropical ecosystems play a big role in a wide range of marine species and the importance of protecting these places for our current and future generations.

1] Nature lovers

2] Students and teachers that want to learn about marine science

3] Individuals who are concerned about the degradation of our planet’s marine ecosystems

4] People who are interested in learning about marine ecosystems and getting connected with nature

1] To develop skills for understanding, exploring, and solving problems that tropical ecosystems face as we traverse the 21st century.

2] To understand how the earth’s natural environment works 

3] To achieve a conservation awareness mentality and become a promoter of good environmental practices.

1] Introduction to Mangroves forest - Live discussion

Within our introductory hour-long session on Mangrove forests, we will hold an interactive conversation to answer: 

  • What are mangrove forests?
  • Where can we find them? 
  • Understand the differing types of mangroves found in the Caribbean
  • How do they survive in the tropics?
  • Why are they important for marine life and humans?

2] Exploring the Rosario Island Archipelago mangrove forests. 

Our second session will explore the mangrove forest around the Rosario Island Archipelago. We’ll cover its importance and characteristics, and share videos, finishing the session with a question and answer session. 

3] Coral reefs and Seagrass Beds. 

Within our third session will cover the characteristics of coral reefs and seagrass beds. We will learn about the biology and ecology of these important environments, their benefits, current problems and the vital importance of keeping them in good health. 

4] Group discussion

Our final session will be an open forum, to discuss how our group has understood how marine ecosystems work, the overall importance of protecting them, and what steps our group can take to protect them from natural and human-made impacts. 


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