How to Build a Global Network in Renewable Energy

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March 2023
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How to Build a Global Network in Renewable Energy
Randolph Seibold
Renewable Energy & Agroforestry Solutions
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By completing this course you will gain a strong understanding of the rapidly changing and multi-layered world of renewable energy, sustainability policy and carbon trading. You will learn how to anticipate opportunities, identify key stakeholders, and add value as a power networker.

1] Entrepreneurs or consultants in the renewable energy industry, or those who would like to be.

2] Employed in a corporate role involving Business Development, Project Origination, HR or Market Research.

3] You understand how valuable good networking skills are, and simply want to improve your ability to identity and connect with great contacts!

1] Effectively network within specific sectors of the renewable energy industry, and be adept at identifying viable cross-connections between sectors (e.g. development and finance). 

2] You will understand the importance of the role of the Consultant/Broker in fostering network growth and facilitating profitable relationships over time.

3] Learn how to identify and connect with corresponding groups within the NGO, governmental, and academic fields.

1] Informational Interview

Within this initial 30 minute one on one information interview, you will get to know my story, and how I became ‘Renewable Randolph’.  We’ll chat about your background, goals, and desired outcomes from attending the course.

2] Roundtable 1

The networking begins from the opening minutes! Roundtable introductions and backgrounds of attendees.

- The 30,000 foot view; Let’s take an around-the-World tour of the extraordinary state of the global energy transition, related geopolitics, and key events just on the horizon.

By the end of this session, you will be up to speed on the current status of the global renewable and conventional energy industries, and be ready to assess the network.

3] Assess the Network

Part 1: We’ll identify and study the layered “ecosystem” of human connections that intersect the worlds of renewable energy development, oil & gas, manufacturing, politics, media, NGO, and Finance

Part 2: Who Do YOU Know? We’ll drill down into your ‘Top 100’ connections, and identify potential “points of entry” into the global renewable energy world.

4] The struggle is real: Key Challenges

As a group, we’ll identify and discuss challenges the climate movement and the related energy transition has faced to date. We’ll segue to breaking down and discussing our own sustainability career challenges to date, and in the process, identify potential opportunities for progress. 

5] Closing session

Hour 1: The Three-Armed Flex of the Networker, Broker, Consultant Role. We’ll take a closer look at what Renewable Randolph does during an average week, how to price and deliver a service based on professional networking, and as well do some myth-busting around the role of the so-called “middle-man”.

Hour 2 will deep dive into ‘LinkedIn Renewables’. Professionals in the renewable and conventional energy sector are well represented and active on LinkedIn. We’ll do a review on your own LinkedIn profile, as well as look at Groups, Pages, Jobs and more.


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