Change Everything: Big Changes are Coming, learn how to be change, do change and heal your piece of the world.

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March 2023
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Change Everything: Big Changes are Coming, learn how to be change, do change and heal your piece of the world.
Donna Morton
Catalyst, Coach and Serial entrepreneur
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Are you feeling both a need to transform yourself and an urge to build something from your unique point of view that can engage others?

We all need flashpoints, communities of practice and sometimes a mentor to help you get into “go mode”. 8 weeks is enough time to change your state, see the change only you can move forward and learn more about systems of change.  In 8 weeks you can move from self-doubt to a state of world-changing vision. By the end of this course, you’ll be in a shifted state, with new frameworks and an ability to explore your market opportunity first-hand, and a sketch for change that’s fit for success in the 21st Century.

I’ll unpack my experience as a “business artist” and share with you essential mental models and the tools to build a successful business in an ever-changing world. Most of all we will build a safe space to explore, risk and the permission to build work that can actually land fulfilment for you and big change in the world. 

  1. Artists, Activists and Entrepreneurs wanting to Drive Change
  2. Founders and business leaders looking to understand where the economy is heading
  3. Professionals redefining systems within their businesses to future-proof 
  4. Youth workers, educators looking to support young people build skills for the future

1] Develop an ability to unstuck yourself from traditional systems and limiting beliefs.

2] Understand new ways of doing things - system change; a power to make systemic changes

3] Dancing with masses, learning both reconfiguring and disruption. 

4] Starting something where values are baked in/foundational not bolted onto the side as an afterthought.  The time to enshrine values is day one.  

1) Changing Everything: Starts with Your Story and Being Change

A high level look at change, transformation and this moment in time with the pandemic as a portal.  This will be a chance to learn from my 35+ year story of personal change as Artist, Activist and Entrepreneur. We will create a container, meet each other, explore personal change as a massive opportunity and business as a healing journey.  We will also map the rest of the sessions. 

2) Change and Finance

Finance is the “Mother of all human made systems”, it is upstream from most personal and business decisions and shapes our world.  Understanding money, finance systems, and some of the essentials of finance can take the fear out of this essential skill.  We will look at finance models, early money raising, ESG, Impact investing and other finance edges and mindset, slicing pie and balancing getting paid with starting up. If you know about conventional finance or you have no real experience with finance, this is really for you. 

3) Economics, the Field of Disruptive Spaces

The economy is the backdrop and upstream from businesses, where it is headed? We will look at the trends around risks, climate, justice and more as the field in which businesses live.  There will be contractions, sectors that fall off cliffs and massive openings in global, National and local economies. We will map these spaces, including sunsetting and sunrising sectors. Indigenous wisdom, new global order, key trends, patterns and ways of being. 

4) How Change is Made Real: Design Thinking

We will move into the art of business, disruptive design, UX, business model sketches and early ways to test your business ideas, We will explore Impact, values alignment, doing what you love and do best.  We will move towards landing or refining what is the problem you need to fix? 

5) Problem, Solution, Business Model

We start refining or landing your ideas here, this session is the turning point where we start to apply the previous sessions and reading materials. You will to this session the problem that is yours to fix and focus on solutions and start experimenting with a business model.  We will look at examples from across the world and from various sectors. 

6) Change as a  Business

This is a chance to integrate the previous sessions and seek alignment of your whole self with creating something that makes the world more whole.  We will explore business and or other structures as a context to land change. We will also talk about businesses that can deepen democracy and land community sovereignty.  How and where to find change partners and unusual suspects and inspiration.

7) The Art and Reality of Change

Building anything is ultimately about the idea, and the execution.  You will need resiliency, community, resources, testing, prototyping, pauses, sometimes you need to know when to quit and rework or GO hard! We will experiment with tools to help you make those decisions and save time, heart ache and money. 

8) Go Mode!

You will learn how to pitch your ideas in the class and get support for how to do it. We will also talk about next steps including: Co-founders, advisers, teams, leadership, coaching, launches and more.   We will have lots of time to ask questions and plan for what comes next and close. 


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I first met Donna at an innovation-oriented, change-making MBA program, where I was faculty. Donna possesses the insight to create businesses that drive change and understands the internal systems that will foster that innovation. She harnesses her insight and ability to focus and inspire colleagues to create the world as it ought to be. We left that initial engagement with a deeper and more profound belief that the necessary change in the world is indeed possible. She showed us that we have the ability to transform the default systems, to change everything

Stephen M Cahill, MBA
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Having Donna Morton as a fellow Ogunte Women's Social Leadership Award winner is an honour. Donna understands the essence of positive activism. She knows how to transform local economies, made by people for the people. For her and team at First Power, embracing art and culture and mixing them with clean energy, biomimicry and people-centred philosophy is key to sustainability. Aspiring Women Social Entrepreneurs are touched by her and she really gives them wings.

Servane Mouazan ICF PCC
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Donna is a thoughtful and wise changemaker. She is a visionary amongst visionaries, a strategist with an integrative mind and compassionate heart, and a creative force of nature. She listens deeply, makes connections, brings folks together, and is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get to work.

M. Rako Fabionar, Co-founder Kinship Blooms

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