Biomimicry: Thinking differently, with Nature

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March 2023
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Biomimicry: Thinking differently, with Nature
Denise DeLuca
Founder of Wild Hazel

Biomimicry is wonderfully versatile. It can be used as a method for sustainable design, as a set of guiding sustainable design principles, as a practice for generating innovative design ideas, and an inspiring activity for thinking differently. This course will give you an introduction to the what, why, and how of Biomimicry and BioEmpathy, and give you a chance to practice what you learn.

Designers wanting to create more sustainable designs.

People who have heard of Biomimicry and would like to experience it.

People working for sustainability that want a new sense of inspiration and hope.

Understand the what, why, and how of Biomimicry.

Develop a deeper understanding of sustainable design.

Be inspired, informed, and equipped to practice Biomimicry.

Session 1. Biomimicry: Thinking differently, with Nature

You’ll watch a series of five short videos that provide the basics you’ll need to start practicing Biomimicry. Additional optional content is provided for more inspiration.

Session 2. Introductions Insights Inspirations Intentions

First, we’ll get to know each other, using a bit of Nature. Next, we’ll share and discuss insights and inspirations that emerged while watching the videos in session 1. Finally, we’ll discuss our intentions for this course.

Session 3. Identifying your design functions

We’ve all heard the expression “form follows function”, but few people understand what that means. In this session we’ll learn how to identify the functions that your design — the form — needs to achieve, and other functions that it could perform.

Session 4. Discovering Nature’s strategies

In this session, we’ll learn how to discover Nature’s strategies for achieving our desired design functions, and open our thinking to wildly new possibilities.

Session 5. Generating innovative and sustainable design ideas

In this session, we’ll use the strategies we discovered in Session 4 to generate innovative and sustainable design ideas.

Session 6. Questions and Reflections

We’ll use the last session to answer questions and to share reflections on what emerged.


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