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A 5-Step guide to becoming a social transformative leader building a sustainable business strategy

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A 5-Step guide to becoming a social transformative leader building a sustainable business strategy
Suzanne Mayumi
Founder of Corporate Consciousness, Lifestyle Coach
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This will teach you how to build a successful business model and apply step-by-step techniques for personal development and for sustainable business. By doing so, you will be able to deal with business risks and limiting beliefs. This will enable us to improve the world for the next generations based on our own motivations. Each of us can contribute to a better world through our actions and make a difference in our area of expertise.

During five workshops, we are going to introduce TFT - Thought Field Therapy (sometimes called "Tapping"), which is a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupuncture and Modern Psychology for enhancing your socio-emotional skills and high performance.

We will also use business model templates, we will apply the principles of sustainability (People, Profit, Planet), ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to your project or business. We will include a discussion of SDG 2030- Sustainable Development Global Goals.

Often-times, some courses/experiences focus on the content or structure of the topic within a purely practical, pragmatic context. As a result, the potential of each individual is left out in terms of behaviour, aptitude, and skills, which must be discovered by each individual. Similarly, many behavioural therapy courses only address the issue of emotional balance and well-being without putting it into practice on a more objective level. In this pathway, we will cover both parts. Using personal and individual development to explore innate behavioural skills and practical tools to organise, start projects and get results.

- Business leaders and entrepreneurs

- ESG professionals

- Volunteers and activists who want to leave a legacy for a better world

- You will manage how to structure ideas and plan sustainable projects that have a social impact, as well as revise or define the purpose and objectives to ability to apply sustainability and ESG principles into your business with resilience to achieve short and medium-term goals.

- You'll learn how to transform life's challenges and market difficulties with empathy and socio-emotional balance. You will be ready to reach your potential and transform your area of expertise into a transformative agent of social change with your skills and abilities.

- You'll work with potential risks and limiting beliefs that generate anxiety and insecurity to release barriers that keep your business from achieving its expected results. You will discover how to work with determination, persistence, and resilience to transform your limitations into personal strengths and into your business or project.

1] Module Released:

An introduction and a chance to get to know one another better. During this first session, we will define objectives, goals, and purposes for the sustainable business projects we will work on in this Mentorship series. Are there any difficulties, risks, or insecurities that we can recognize regarding the implementation of these projects? We will learn how to deal with them.

2] Live Workshop:

Live discussions around a presentation. A masterclass deep-dive into the week's core ideas, connections, and frameworks for your business or project, led by Suzanne Mayumi.

Part 1: An introduction to the self-application tapping session based on the Callahan technique. Intuitive skills and competencies are enhanced through the use of TFT - Thought Field Therapy which releases behavioural and socio-emotional blocks. Also, we will work with creative visualization to set up goals and objectives for sustainable projects.

Part 2: Discussion of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), Sustainability, and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) topics, as well as the global market's performance. An overview of some structuring and business planning models (GROW, NIRVANA, and CANVAS Business Models) associated with social impact implementation strategies.

3] Assignments:

Assignments will serve as opportunities for you to demonstrate mastery of the Breakout frameworks. As we work together, they form the foundation and are crucial to your development.

Discussion of each student's implementation task to clarify doubts and share feedback. Examples: GROW, NIRVANA, and CANVAS business planning models. Through the use of TFT, blockages and difficulties in the implementation of projects can be overcome.

4] Briefing of 2 tasks and Questions:

In this session, there are three breakout questions, two readings, and assignments presented by mentoring students. Time is allocated for mentoring students. The tasks consists of giving feedback, commenting on, and discussing the works developed by learners.

5] Group discussion:

This is the highlight of your week! What challenges do you face as a group? Together, let's achieve our shared goals through the community.

Part 1: In a 45-minute 1-on-1 conversation with Suzanne Mayumi, you are able to crystallise your learnings and unpack your questions.

Part 2: Meetings for networking and sharing problems and solutions.


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