The New Horizon for WONDR
June 7, 2023

The New Horizon for WONDR

We’ve come a long way since Simon and I started building WONDR. It started with a simple question - Can we build a network that accelerates people solving meaningful issues in the world? 

Over the last few years, we’ve built out a multi-device experience with a vision that has connected with over 10,000 people, across 100 countries. 

Traditional learning and education has caused an inflation of ‘qualified’ professionals, creating a world of “look-at-mes”. 

We see the future differently.

In a decade of action, we support the people who get things done. The go-getters, the innovators, the dreamers and the creators. 

Our programmes are designed with leading practitioners and peer groups who are at the forefront of solving real world problems. We share knowledge, skills and mindsets from people who are actually solving the issues at hand for people actually doing something about it. 

We believe in your unlimited potential to create an impact. 

So we’ve created space for passionate, committed individuals to connect and learn around shared goals. Solving problems that are meaningful towards a sustainable future.

It’s been incredible to meet some of the most amazing and forward-thinking people I’ve ever known. And as we’ve grown, I feel we must level up  to deliver on our promise to you.

Much of the community at WONDR are entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders themselves, motivated with a mission of purpose of their own. And what I’ve found is that our greatest hope for a better future lies with businesses who are solving problems far bigger than their balance sheets. 

After all, businesses are groups of people organised together towards a shared purpose. 

And I want WONDR’s mission to reflect that - I want us to work on supporting your challenges, supporting you.

In the next horizon of WONDR we’re exploring how the power of community can accelerate the success of impact-driven businesses. We’re calling these pathways. 

To begin with, pathways will support  entrepreneurs who’ve taken matters into their own hands. People who are manifesting new, sustainable and ethical alternatives into the market. These are founders who are building businesses as vehicles to solve the environmental and social problems they see in the world.

I also know there are many fantastic people innovating businesses from within. Entrepreneurship is a mindset and I’ve met hundreds of professionals who are motivated to transform the businesses they work for. In the very near future, we’ll launch pathways to support teams with rapid problem solving too. This is a mission that absolutely includes (and needs) all of us. 

So, for now, if you're building a business or working on a project of your own and curious to  find out more - you can learn more about our founding membership here.

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