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Topics we explore on WONDR

Business & Economics

Learn skills for the future of work and personal development to build your career, whilst creating the impact you want to make.

Negotiating with Goliath

With Ben Kimura-Gross


In this all-encompassing negotiation course created specifically for greentech pioneers and sustainability leaders, you’ll learn how to get exactly what you want, to achieve all your strategic goals – without settling for less.

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Change Everything

With Donna Morton

Future of work & society

Embracing CHANGE is the most essential skill of the 21st Century.

5 part series beginning with personal change and granting permission to oneself.

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Regenerative Leadership & Legacy

With Sophie Wisbrun Overraker

Green skills for the future

We'll explore the wonders of nature (inside out) for a thriving life and thriving businesses.

Diving into the question of how we leave a regenerative legacy.
How we can design our lives, organisations and companies inspired by nature.

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Systems Thinking - Designing Change

With Asmara Kazmi

Future economies

We will be discussing Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein as a means to conceptualise an alternative to capitalism.

We will recap the book and look at his points through a systems lens- how can we use these ideas to BUILD a better alternative?

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Upcycling cars

With Joseph Sharp

Future of work & Society

A shareable list and overview of the climate & ecological opportunities in upcycling cars.

Ideal if you’re working in a sustainability advisory role or in-house in the auto or EV industry.

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Understanding Circularity

With Rajeshwa Bachu


Circularity aims to close the loop on resource use so that they can be used over and over again, instead of being discarded as waste. Great for students and business owners.

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Sustainable Fashion

Take your creativity to the next level and build superpowers to turn the tide on the fashion industry.

Making Fashion Sustainable

With Riikka Olli

Sustainable Fashion

This series will deep dive into the many different faces of fashion; the problems with the current system and how to make it sustainable.

Even if you’re not in manufacturing, textiles or fashion, the thinking and mindset of this discussion can help in all aspects of life and industry.

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Upcycling & Jewellery - from Bike Tyre Rubber

With Laura Zabo

Upcycling & Crafts

Join me in this unique live series where I will share the secrets of tyre upcycling, interesting stories about my inspirations, challenges, and the skills that I had to learn to become a successful upcycler.

Learn a skill for yourself and surprise others with your new talent.
Earn some extra money or build a new career. Once you are an “upcycler” your vision on shopping will change dramatically.

Crafting reduces stress, boosts self-esteem, and find more enjoyment in your life.

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Circularity & Transparency: Regenerative Fashion

With Jo Salter & Kishore

Circular Fashion

This series of webinars will take you through a journey of the building blocks of regenerative fashion.

Starting with an overview of ‘Regenerative Fashion’ and then branching out with more depth at each level, it will cover a range of key topics with pointers to which topics to go to next, such as:
Understanding fabrics - their impact on people and planet
Regenerative fibre farming - indigenous, non GM, rainfed, grown close to production communities, carbon positive, examples of this are cotton, hemp, linen, wool and more...

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Climate Change & the Natural World

Dive into the marvel of the natural world. Learn skills from conservationists and scientists in the field to protect our planet and wildlife.

Sustainability Matters- Top tips and inspiration for sustainable living

With Lynne Lambourne

Sustainable lifestyles

This series is aimed at helping people who care about sustainability make the first jumps into a more sustainable life.

It should look aspirational and shot to give the viewer a feeling that sustainability is something that will make their life so much better, but also make the viewer feel that these swaps are easy and achievable.

We discuss the changes and share inspiration and top tips amount each other based on what we have watched.

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Working in Conservation

With Danielle Carnahan


Getting started in conservation can feel daunting– let’s change that. This series will walk you through setting yourself up for success and provide you with a clearer idea of how to accomplish your goals, a CV workshop, and building blocks for being a leader in the field.

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Blue Planet: Code Critical - Ways in which we can protect our water resources

With Heather Scott

Water Conservation

The majority of courses are aimed at people who are already within the field of Hydrology and possess hydrological knowledge- Heather aims to provide a grassroots course, starting with the absolute basics so it will appeal to the non-scientific community.

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Social Equity, Justice & Education

Be a force for good in building more inclusive, compassionate and diverse societies. For people and the planet.

The Climate Emergency: Ecological & Social Understanding

With She Changes Climate

Social & Climate Justice

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Feminism for Men

With Shu Matsuo Post

Social Justice

Following on from Shu’s successful TED talk, he has pulled together a thought provoking series about how feminism for men, and taking simple actions, can provide personal freedom in todays forward thinking, ever developing world.

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Luxurious Simplicity - Simplifying Without Sacrificing

With Nara Petrovič

Social Impact

You will be encouraged to follow a step-by-step process to joyfully simplify your personal life, your communities, and your organizations. You’ll be seeking a balance point along the lines of the maxim (attributed to Einstein): "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler."

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