About Me

I spend most of my time exploring regenerative pathways with business owners, teams and impact-driven individuals. My Dutch background makes me direct, no-nonsense, down-to-Gaia and effective.

I am a regenerative business facilitator. With a BSc. in innovation and a master’s from the Institute For The Development Of Thinking I have a strong academic background in innovation and creative thinking processes. I have hands-on experience facilitating a wide range of innovation methods, like design thinking, lateral thinking and the Design Sprint. And I applied them in sectors varying from tech startups to consumer transportation, FMCG, a bank, and several B2B businesses.

I dare to question and challenge the status quo, inspire change and make you and your organisation rethink and redesign what you might have taken for granted. I am done with doom and gloom and choose to accelerate the transition by leading with positivity. I will help you to imagine and realize  a bright, inclusive and regenerative future.


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Regenerative Leadership

Collaborative Problem Solving

Social Entrepreneurship

Innovation Development

Creative Thinking

New Business Development


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