About Me

I spent 18 years in the Arctic, where I saw climate change happen in front of my eyes. That's why I am passionate about Sustainability and restoring our planet.

I have experience in multinational, NGO, small business and start-ups. Ranging from Sustainability Start-ups Advisor, Sustainability Consultant & Service Lead at Ensur, Sustainability Lead | Director for Strategy and Finance at Mastercard and Co-Founder of Think Tank Burgundia and “Interesting Times” podcast host

My goal is to drive sustainable business transition & educate people on sustainability, that's why I work on projects in Europe and globally, speak at events from 50 to 700 participants, interview experts & have my video series, and write.

As a leader I effectively managed cross-cultural teams from 5 to 500 people and worked across geographies in Europe and Asia.

I learnt how to grow plants and food 30 years ago when I was little, and I dream of rewilding our cities and restoring forests all over the world.

My areas of knowledge and expertise are: ESG, carbon sinks, climate change as a societal issue, renewable energy, regeneration, nature-based solutions, decarbonisation, financial inclusion, environmental policy, digital transformation, climate mitigation and adaptation, energy efficiency and industry transition.

I believe that we can restore nature through love. That's why I paint the Arctic and share Arctic stories.

I care about our planet, because I am a mom. And I want the best future for my kids and all the kids in the world.Get in touch for speaking, consulting and advising opportunities!


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  • Sustainability
  • Strategy
  • Analysis
  • Business Development
  • International Relations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


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